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Online courses exclusively for Women of Movement Speaking Club Members

Most courses lead to a certificate of completion when course requirements are met, as well as, training hours/points that lead to specific Speaker, Coaching, and Online Business Certification(s). Certification programs are still in progress, however, training hours/points can still be accumulated.

Why obtain a Women of Movement Speaker Certification?

Speaker certifications demonstrate that you have met specific standards and possess the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective speaker. This Women of Movement Speaker Certification serves as validation of your expertise and can enhance your credibility in the industry.

Although a speaker certification is not mandatory or necessarily needed to become a professional speaker, a certification can indeed help you become more educated in the public speaking industry, which will improve your expertise and position you to gain relevant experience in the industry. By earning a speaker certification, you showcase your commitment to professional development and continuous learning. It signifies that you have invested time and effort in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in public speaking, which can help you stand out among your peers.

Additionally, a speaker certification can help you develop and learn the essential skills of public speaking, including how to structure your presentations/speeches, deliver them effectively, and engage your audience. These are skills that you can confidently take with you to any speaking situation, whether it's a job interview, a presentation, or a casual conversation. Knowing that you have a speaker certification can help boost your confidence when speaking in public by providing an excellent way to practice your communication skills, add clarity and finetune articulation. This extra boost of confidence can make all the difference in how your audience perceives you and whether or not they're receptive to your message. It can open doors. Having a speaker certification can open up opportunities for you to speak at events, give presentations, and even teach public speaking courses. This can help you develop your career or business, and it can also be a great way to build your brand, grow your business, and even give back to the community. Speaker certifications often provides increased opportunities for networking and collaboration within a community of certified speakers. This network can be invaluable for collaboration, sharing best practices, and exchanging opportunities within the industry. Building relationships with other certified speakers can lead to joint ventures, referrals, and partnerships.

The Women of Movement Speaker Certification is an investment that can pay off in many ways, both professionally and personally. The Women of Movement Speaker Certification offers numerous advantages by enhancing credibility, expanding opportunities, improving skills, and providing a competitive edge in the industry.

Welcome to your next level of greater.

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Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon, the Faith Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and CEO/Founder of In Sharon's Heart, Women of Movement, and Respect the Teachers, helps and equips emerging and aspiring faith-based/Christian women to use their God-given gift to serve, speak confidently on virtual and live stages, improve their brand, and build their online businesses in order to walk in faith and freedom. Sharon focuses on business coaching, consultation, and mentoring for women who are ready to take their online businesses to another level by learning the tools that will enable them to become successful. Through her expanding Speaking Academy and Speaking Club, she equips women with their voice, faith, confidence, and grind (consistency in working smart). Her Faith Model enables women to use their gift(s) to build their empire. With faith, women can start and continue the process of doing the abundant things God has for them to do (James 2:17). Yes, God has blessed women to do some amazing things and with faith an


  • When does a course start and finish?

    Women of Movement Academy Courses are self-paced online courses. You decide when you start and when you finish. Courses also update periodically to keep up with the times, so be sure to continue to check in!

  • How long can I access Women of Movement (WOM) Academy Course Content and Materials?

    Access to courses/material continues as long as you are enrolled in the WOM Speaking Club. Once WOM club enrollment ends, you will no longer be able to enroll in any new, current, or upcoming academy course. You will, however, be able to enroll in Faith Works Academy Courses for non-members.

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